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Remembering George Sloan Jr.

"Gentlemen" George J. Sloan Jr. passed away Tuesday, May 17th, surrounded by his loving family. George fought the bravest of fights with an extended illness. 

George was indeed a "gentle" man. Anyone who crossed his path professionally at Sloan's Jewelers, at church, a family gathering or at a sporting event will relay their experience with a smile. He was born September 28, 1930, in Tulsa, Oklahoma to George J. and Agnes Sloan. George graduated from Marquette Catholic School and furthered his education at The University of Tulsa where he received a Business / Fine Arts Degree in 1953.

Throughout his youth and for his entire professional career, George was an owner/shareholder, jeweler and designer in the family business, Sloan’s Jewelers.  George retired when the business closed in 2001, after 68 years. George was a strong supporter of the Oklahoma Jewelers Association.  


The Oklahoma Jewelers Association History Book (written in 2006) states, 

“The 1970’s was one of those decades that ushered in a new 
wave of special leaders that would take the ORJA to a new level. 
It could easily be argued that in many respects the 1910’s, the 
1940’s. and the 1970;s were the three greatest decades in the 
history of the ORJA to date.” 

George Sloan Jr. was part of the great leadership of the 1970’s and beyond.  George served as OJA President in 1974-1975, and then again in 1981.  After serving as President, George served on the OJA Advisory Committee.  George was one of those special leaders who took the ORJA to a new level.

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